3 Fun Sites with Printable Nice List Certificates

printable nice list certificate with photoPhoto Personalized Nice List at Letters to Kids from Santa.

Looking for a unique Santa letter idea? Then try one of the printable letter packages at Letters to Kids from Santa.com. All of the letters come with a Nice List certificate that can be personalized with your child’s photo (and name, too, of course!). You don’t get a large selection of backgrounds or letters to personalize (they only offer two background designs and two letter choices), but you do have the option to write your own text, so you can make a completely unique letter.

But it’s the photo on the Nice List certificate that makes this site fun and unique. After you customize your letter, you’ll be give a screen to upload your photo. Head shots such as school portraits work best, as there aren’t any tools to edit the photo once you’ve uploaded it. But you can preview the results to see how it will look.

printable santa nice list certificateMatching Nice List Certificates at Free Santa Letters Online.com
To get the printable Santa’s Nice List certificates offered on this site, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium North Pole letter packages. But if you have several kids and want a completely different letter package for each of them, you’ll surely find something at this site.

Each of the eight background designs has its own matching envelope and Nice List certificate, and they can be personalized with 12 different letters (including one for baby’s first Christmas, kids who are in danger of being on the Naughty List, and many others). You can also write your own letter.

santa nice list certificate to printNice List Certificates at Printable Santa Letters.com
you’ll have plenty of choices for letter backgrounds and text at Printable Santa Letters.com. There’s only one Nice List Certificate, however. So why is it included here? Because the package that contains the Nice List certificate also offers other fun goodies that you won’t get at other Santa letter sites, including an autographed photo of Santa Claus and a letter from Rudolph, as well as the letter, envelopes and Nice List certificate.

Plus, you’ll have a lot of options in your text and designs, such as a Christian-themed Santa letter and a Christian background on which to print it.

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