North Pole Postmarks Add Authenticity to Santa Letters

santa north pole postmarkBelieving in Santa Claus is one of the joys of childhood. Most kids view Santa with awe, as he lives in such a strange magical place, has amazing flying reindeer, and can travel around the world in a single night bringing gifts and joy to little kids. So getting a letter from Santa is a magical occasion.

It’s easy to create and inexpensive to create your own Santa letters online. There are a variety of sites that offer free Santa letters or Santa letter templates to print at home. Some of these allow you to write your own letter from Santa or upload a photo of your child to include on the Santa’s Nice List certificate.

But if you’re creating your own Santa letters online, don’t forget the envelope. The first thing your child will see is the envelope holding the letter, so you want it to be as special as the message inside. Some printable Santa letter sites include envelopes with their letters, but you can also create one yourself by finding clip art to print on the envelope or using colored pens to decorate it.

After you’ve created your letter and envelope from Santa Claus, you can add a final finishing touch – a North Pole postmark. Each year, the post office in North Pole, Alaska (yes, there really is such a place!) offers free postmarks with a special North Pole stamp. Kids will be amazed to see it!

The service itself is free, although you will need to pay the postage to send your child’s Santa letter to the North Pole. Here’s how it works.

After you create your Santa letter, place it in an envelope, address it to your child, and place the correct postage on it. Then place that envelope in a larger one and send it to:

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
4141 Postmark Drive
Anchorage, AK 99530-99998

When your envelope arrives in Anchorage with the words “North Pole cancellation” on the outside, the postal workers will know to open the outer envelope and stamp the inner one with the special North Pole postmark. Then it will be delivered like any other piece of mail.

Just be sure to allow enough time for the service. The post office only offers this service in December, so time your letter so that it reaches Alaska after December 1 and before December 15. Letters that arrive after that date are not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.

So plan early and have fun with a genuine North Pole postmark!

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